Digitalization Projects to Industry and Society

- selected portfolio -

Robotization the Manufacturing Process of Metallic Components in an Industrial Production SME

Assist in solution design. Assist in accessing public funds. Assist in finding the proper solution providers and integrator. Audit of the robotized process. Certification of conformity release.

Design and Implementation of an IT Solution to Ensure Connectivity of MEF with ERP in a Wood Processing SME

Design the architecture. Proposal of various technologies. Facilitation to potential solution providers. Assistance to contract negotiation. Assistance to KPIs.

Assistance of a Start-Up to Access Public Funds for Designing and Producing Smart Robots

Assist in relation with financing bodies. Preparation of project. Facilitation of partner finding.

Training an SME to Design and Program Arc Welding Robotic Cells

Facilitate access to training facility and skilled trainers. Assist in setting-up the training curricula. Delivery of training. Assist in negotiating the training contract.

Assistance of an SME to Implement Collaborative Robots in Testing Small Electronic Boards for Smart Sensors

Facilitate contacts with various potential partners. Analysis of opportunity and alternatives. Design various concepts. Feasibility analysis. Assist in accessing funds.

Facilitation and Implementation of a Telemedicine Platform in a Hospital and Connectivity to Patients

Building up the partnership. Setting up the ecosystem. Training. Remote control center. Automatic alarming. Emergency interventions. Supervision. Tele-consultation. Wireless technologies. Smart bio-sensors. Geo-location. Implementation to nursing and retirement homes.

Support an SME to Monitor in Cloud its Manufacturing Equipment

Financial analysis. Identification of potential solution providers. Intermediate communication with solution providers. Facilitate contract negotiation for solution implementation.