Digitalization Projects to Industry and Society

- selected portfolio -

Design and Implementation of Digital Transformation Strategy for a County Council and Smart Territory Development

Extensive audit of the IT system. Digital strategy foundation. Project portfolio. Assistance to access public funds. Projects foundation. Economic analysis. Life-cycle assistance of strategy implementation. Assistance of departments for digital transformation. Support for digital project implementation. Support on adoption. Alignment to EU trends in digitalization. Conformity with critical issues such as cybersecurity, agility, GDPR, interoperability, etc.

Design of a Smart City Strategy for a Municipality

Cover all spectrum of smart city vectors. Extensive analysis of the current state. Strategy foundation. Project portfolio. Optimization for implementation. Economic and societal impact analysis. Financial calculation. Framework for institutional coordination for implementation. Flagship and critical projects design. Smart administration framework.

Audit of a Large Company on Digital Innovation Quotient

Perform comprehensive audit on digital innovation opportunities. Setting up the action plan. Detail audit on priority areas for digitalization. Feasibility study. Facilitation to solution providers.

Assistance, Design and Implementation of the Innovation Management System in Cloud for an SME from Industrial Production Sector

Identify possible cloud solutions. Selection of the proper variant. Configuration of the platform. Training to use the cloud platform. Assistance to design the management system in cloud. Assistance in adoption.

Training a Start-up in Advanced Programming of Industrial Robots

Facilitate access to training facility. Identify the proper trainers. Training provision.

Conception, Design and Prototyping a Smart Equipment for an SME from the Pharmaceutical Sector

Finding experts for solution engineering. Conceptual design and optimization. Design and engineering. Prototype development. Testing and integration in the process. GMP foundation.

Internet of Things to Control and Operate a Large Green House

Finding solution partners. Design. Implementation in several green houses. IoT and cloud monitoring of parameters. Mobile control of regulators. Solution for IoT cybersecurity.