Value Proposition

DIH4S comprises a large amount of professional expertise in digitalization and digital transformation. We are proud to say that over 80 IT companies are behind the DIH4S ecosystem, and their number is constantly growing. Thousands of professionals are ready to deliver the optimal solution for any particular case. DIH4S also benefits of an extensive network of experts at European level; thus, we consider that any challenge on digitalization will find the best solution with DIH4S on board. The cooperation model of DIH4S makes possible to set up the optimal team for any project, with experts from various organization from our pool of solution providers.

Digitalization and digital transformation is more than simply implementing an IT solution in the company. It requires a robust and comprehensive approach to understand priorities, to build up a strategy and a business plan for investing in digitalization, to transform your processes and sometimes the business model in order to benefit at high levels from digitalization, as well as an integrative approach. Digitalization has to be treated both at the layer of production floor (both equipment and network), layer of data center, and layer of management (platforms, middle ware, and applications); and sometimes in terms of connectivity with your suppliers, customers, distributors, partners, etc. Remote access, cybersecurity, interoperability and connectivity with various stakeholders and solution providers are also crucial issues of a complete digitalization program. Integration and / or adaptation of current digital systems is also necessary. Financial analysis and impact analysis shall be considered, too, together with other aspects related to maintenance, upgrade, backup and disaster recovery, unitary approach and facilitation of accessibility to data and information any time, from any place, from any device.

DIH4S is a not-for-profit initiative and by its mission looks to assist the economic and social communities to adopt digital solutions as a necessity to keep them competitive and to increase the quality of work and life. Thus, DIH4S is a long-term and honest partner in your journey for digital transformation. Our approach is gradual, following the 7-D cycle: discover - define - develop - delivery - deploy - disseminate - delegate - disrupt. We master tools to calculate the value of each investment in a digital solution, both from technical and financial perspectives.

We know that every digitalization project is unique. Even if the challenge could be the same for several companies, internal processes and operational flows, as well as the organizational culture and behaviors differ from one case to another. Therefore, DIH4S is ready to approach every digitalization project from a personalized point of view without affecting the budget of the project.

DIH4S benefits from a large pool of solution providers. This gives the opportunity to be connected to the latest technological innovations. With DIH4S you can be sure that the cutting-edge digital solutions can be implemented to meet your needs.

Digitalization and digital transformation is a longer-term process. It is quite hard for an SME, and even for a large company or public organization to keep the best expertise in-house. Therefore, DIH4S is a trustworthy partner to assist you in this journey. With us you are safe in keeping functional your system, at cost-effective rates, despite any fluctuations in the evolution of solution providers.

For every service provided by us, we apply methodologies and tools that are already validated in many projects along time by our experts. Therefore, we have the capacity to select the most appropriate roadmap to tackle any particular problem.

Benefiting of a very wide pallet of experts and solution providers in our network, the chances to have already implemented a similar solution somewhere are very high. Thus, we can better articulate the new problem, both in terms of costs, failure avoidance, risk minimization and mitigation, as well as in terms of usability, quality and time delivery.

DIH4S operates as a "supermarket" (one-stop shop) for any need you have in relation with digitalization. For every problem, DIH4S can offer several solutions, not only one. We cover all aspects related to the digitalization process, from consultancy and mentoring to diagnosis, strategy development, education, training and testing infrastructure, intermediation, market scrutiny, solution design, implementation, integration into the "big picture", adaptation of processes to new conditions, assistance in adoption and life-cycle support.