The Center for Digital Innovation called DIH4S is a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) that acts as a one-stop shop for helping companies and organizations to improve their competitiveness by adopting digital technologies. DIH4S is a not-for-profit type of institutional initiative.

Our services are designed to assist companies and public organizations to innovate their business and production processes, products or services through digitalization, as well as to facilitate access to technical expertise in digital transformation and experimentation on digitalization.

The Center for Digital Innovation DIH4S also provides specialized services, such as financing advice in relation with digitalization-driven projects, training and skills development for a successful digital transformation. Our approach for digitalization embeds environmental and circularity issues, too.

The specialization area of our DIH is directed on ensuring wide use of digital technologies across the economy and society. Therefore, our target beneficiaries are both private and public organizations, including SMEs from any economic sector and public administration.

In parallel, the Center for Digital Innovation DIH4S is working to support projects that are related with Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems (generically called in DIH4S as Data Intelligence), with the consideration of Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things issues.