Digital Innovation Hub

Smart, Safe and Sustainable Society

DIH4S is approved as "fully operational" Digital Innovation Hub in the network of Smart Specialization Platform of European Commission

The context for establishing DIH4S initiative

The Digital Innovation Hub called DIH4S was established in 2019 by Cluj IT Cluster under the CRONOS project, financed under a national scheme of the Ministry of Research and Innovation, which supported innovative clusters to foster the structural transformation of national industry. In this framework, Cluj IT cluster set up a Digital Innovation Center that acts as an umbrella to bring together competences of IT companies and research groups focused on digital technologies, AI, data science and industry 4.0 and prepare specialized services for non-IT private and public organizations on digitization, digitalization, digital innovation and digital transformation.

To the foundation of this initiative soon joined other organizations, such as the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, North-West Regional Development Agency and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bistrita-Nasaud. All these four organizations have experienced together a close collaboration since 2017 to set up a DIH initiative in the North-West Region of Romania, initiative that has been assisted by PwC under an European project.

The partnership of these four organizations at the moment of year 2019 was the result of several piloting phases run in 2018 in order to identify the right formula of cooperation. University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine from Cluj-Napoca and other 17 IT companies joined the initiative at the mid of 2019. New members have adhered to the partnership afterwards; thus, expanding the "family" of DIH4S initiative. DIH4S is open to embrace new partners that are committed to contribute to the digital transformation of industrial and public sectors of the N-W region of Romania and of the country as a whole.

People from DIH4S believe that digital technologies can strongly contribute to the foundation of a smart, safe and sustainable society. This belief is articulated in its vision that is centered on better life for citizens through a smart and ethical use of the most advanced digital technologies in various aspects that influence social and economic ecosystems.

Reasons to work with DIH4S

Optimal expertise

Complete solutions

Transparent services

Customized solutions

Latest innovations

Life-cycle approach

Proven good practices

Success stories


Professional services for digitalization

  • Diagnosis
  • Strategy for digitalization
  • Roll-out high-end technical solutions
  • Education on digital technologies
  • Finding technology provider and intermediation
  • Project management and supervision
  • Application portfolio optimization
  • Access to labs for training and testing
  • Technical assistance and guidance
  • Consulting and mentoring for digital transformation

Initiators of DIH4S

Organizations and companies partners of DIH4S